Airbrush Makeup Lesson

If you want to take your career as a Makeup Artist to the highest level, you have to airbrushing your client´s face. They will thank you for that, trust me! I’m prepared to teach you in a way simple way how to do this makeup technique. My technique is so unique that MAC COSMETICS, one of the giant companies of the industry have hired me for teaching its artist´s team. I have teaching lots of students, and I could be happier to listen to them telling that Airbrush Makeup has been changing their career. For Makeup Artists who do bridal, beauty, fashion and creative photoshoots. For all who want to achieve a better result for your clients.

The practical time is full of exercises that allow the student to master the distance perfect gun distance and the way for achieving the perfection of the movements required.
Students will be learning how to perform a correct cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

What will I learn?

  • Theory

  • Technical explanation

  • Myths and truths

  • Product tips

  • Stencils

Full application will be covered: Foundation, eyeshadow, contour and highlighter, lipstick and eyebrows. In the last hours of class the application practical of airbrush makeup must be done on a model.

Photos will be taking and provide in digital to the student.

$75.00 |Hour

Minimum of 8 hour



This course is for those who want to pursue a career as a Makeup Artists. It will present the fundamentals of makeup techniques, the right tools and products to achieve a flawless look, the latest trends in the beauty industry.

What will I learn?

Pre-skin preparation

  • The foundation types and the different ways to apply on.

  • From natural to dramatic makeup style

  • Eyes techniques,

  • How to build the perfect eyebrow´s shape

  • Face shapes and corrections

  • Theory of colours

  • Knowing Products

  • Contours and highlighters

$75.00 |Hour

Minimum of 15 hours


Private Makeup Lessons

The right choice about how to apply makeup on can help you to point out your highlights and to hide details that you don’t like to show in your image.
As a mom, a teenager or an executive woman all of us want to feel powerful and confident.

Many women talk about giving up on applying makeup on because They think they don’t have enough time for it, but by using some tricks, it is possible to make a gorgeous makeup in less than 10 minutes.

What will I learn?

It will be a hands-on process where I will apply makeup on the half of your face, and from then you will reproduce the other side.

For private makeup lessons, bring your makeup kit and I will teach you how to use the right products, brushes and will help you to find your perfect style.

$75.00|Hour – minimum 3 hours One on One

** Special rates for groups will be applied***

Minimum of 3 people is required. – Please contact for rates.