Photographer, thank you for checking out my work, it's a pleasure to have you here!

These are some reasons why you should hire me:

1) I can travel to the location you have chosen to do the photoshoot or either I can produce the model/client on my makeup studio, which is easier for us.

2) I can do regular hair and Makeup in 50 minutes. *for special requests, please confirm how long it will take.*

3) To all ages, all races, and all genders. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Camila Notari +1 (647) 467-4150



For the boudoir photoshoot, I always make sure the face and body are in complete harmony. As an experienced Makeup Artist, I'm able to hide what you may don't want to show such as scars, stretch marks and also tattoos if you don't want to see them on this shooting. 

Making a hair full of movement, with volume at the top and curls on end, or even disappear to the frizz on short hairs will guarantee the sensuality required at this moment.


It takes only a few seconds to make a first impression; we all already know that. Your client's headshot is responsible for the first contact with people they haven't met yet. The image must represent who they are; Having the right makeup and hair is indispensable and will make your clients happy recognizing on the finals ones the best of themselves. 



Beauty photography is a more modern version of glamour-style portraiture. The objective of this photoshoot is to reveal the natural beauty on itself. To save time on post-production or avoiding unnecessary edition, all the imperfections such as dark circles under the eyes, pimples or even uneven skin color have to be fixed from the MUA before the shooting has started.

As an experienced MUA, I'm able to ensure; you will reach the most natural and clean looks to your client/model. I'm used to doing makeup when the macro lens is chosen.




The fashion photography is all about outfit, accessories and the right model having an attitude to make the shooting unique. It can, the makeup and hair define the success or failure at this point. Have the understanding, of the narrow line of beauty and creativity, is precious, and only MUA's with years of experience can offer it.



Create Fine Art Photography to support an inspirational idea is one of the most beautiful representations of pure art. Face or body paintings, a mix of colors, boldness, suavity, aggressiveness are some of the aspects contained in this type of photoshoot. The airbrush and special makeup effects skills that I have, plus my knowledge of fine arts such as painting, the sculpture will allow me to understand your desire. I will make it possible, transforming your ideas into paintings on the model's face/body creating stunning and unique images.


These two types of shoots require an outstanding performance form the MUA since most of the photos aren't taken in closeups ways. Either on the male body or during the dancing performance from the model, you might want to capture the muscles on the body, the particular volumes and shapes and the ideal makeup on the body will show out everything to your camera.

IMG_3998 2.JPG


Working with families is challenging and requires the high ability to handle it for any MUA. The reason is that you have to be able to do makeup and hair in different ages, skin types and above all, you must to respect the personal style to the person who is sitting on your makeup chair. Everything has to be done quickly since most of the time, we have babies on the set, and they can get agitated and bored for the waiting.



In Majority, an engagement session is a chance that you, as a photographer, have to make the couple get to know your work, making them comfortable to the actual wedding day. The fellow photographers I have work with, they use to say that I put people at ease and we know how essential it is having a couple comfortable. Feeling confident with yourself will make good pics shows up quickly. That said, we can understand the high importance to have an MUA for support your work.





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